School Class Room Construction Timelapse

Mi Panel is the cost effective solution to reducing dependency on wet works within the built environment of the construction industry and this applies to all types of construction, including low cost, affordable and high end residential construction, commercial and industrial construction as well as to public sector institutions. Mi Panel is one of the solutions to the challenges faced within the built environment to build ‘Green’ in a sustainable manner that is environmentally responsible and which significantly reduces or eliminates its negative impact on the environment. The system of construction with Mi Panel is easily taught to unskilled labourers and MIBT will provide extensive training and warranty back-up options on construction. Mi Panel mostly exceeds structural tests for lightweight construction and is suitable for the application of a wide variety of surface finishes, including paints and aggregates, as well as cladding, design beading and all most all other finishes that can be accommodated on conventional construction. The fibre cement facings are completely resistant to rising damp as well permanent water damage making Mi Panel suitable for use in wet area applications.