Excerpt – Technology in Architecture & DESIGN

The Mi Panel construction technology is a wet-works solution provided by Modular Innovative Building Technology (MIBT) in the move towards embracing alternative technology and green building culture.

Sustainable designs are critical in construction. These designs are expected to avoid the wastage of resources such as energy, water and raw materials; to prevent environmental damage caused by facilities and infrastructure; and to create liveable, comfortable, safe and productive built environments. At 54 kilograms per square metre, with a capacity strength of 74 kilo newtons, and a two hour fire rating, the Agréement certified Mi Panel, is a material which contributes to sustainable construction.

The fundamental principles that remain constant in the ever-changing practices and technologies implemented in sustainable designs include site optimisation; energy optimisation; the protection and conservation of water; environmentally preferable materials and products; the enhancement of indoor environmental quality, as well as operational maintenance practices.

The Mi Panel technology covers these aspects and is widely accepted in countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia and Sudan, to name a few.

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