Palm One Dubai

Palm One at Jumeirah – complete walling internally – provided client with considerable savings on steel and concrete due to the weight savings on the walls.

MTN Wall

The wall sits at 94 m long x 6 m high and was built in 12 days.  The wall does not have a foundation and is completely unbraced at the top.

Southgate Mall

Southgate Mall ablutions – 411 m2 of walling completed in 52 hours.

Mezzanine Floors

Excellent product for mezzanine floors due to structural strength and durability.

House Baker

256 m2 house built in Pretoria East.  The build time on this project was approximately 1 month.

Etwatwa Project

56 m2 property was built in a week.  Highly desirable affordable housing that is 18% larger than a similar house built conventionally.

RSCM Hospital

Project completed in 6 months in Jakarta.

Killara House

420 m2 house built in Southern suburbs of Sydney in 4 weeks.

Diamond Beach

2 Duplexes built one road away from the beach road.

Clarence House

Sydney Suburbs – Commercial and Residential development.

BNG Concept House

House built for Ethekwini Municipality in Inanda. It was built in 10 hours using local labour on site with training.

BHP Biliton

This is a movable mining camp built with modular pods using Mi Panels.

Killara House

Southern suburbs of Sydney – This property was built in 2007 and took 3 weeks to complete the build.

MIBT Classrooms

MIBT have built more than 80 classrooms nationally.

Southgate Tower Mall

The tower is 16 m high and was built in 2 days.