Mi Panel is:
  • Fixed cost to most sites
  • Termite, pest and rot resistant
  • Has better thermal ratings than clay brick
  • Acoustic attenuation is comparable to double clay brick plastered
  • Superior quality and finishes
  • Takes all decorative treatments from cladding to chemical paint with no need for plastering or rhino lighting
  • Environmentally friendly construction material
  • Excellent fire resistant qualities with twice minimum SA requirements for internal and external walls that are fire rated and load bearing
  • Installation training available using local unskilled labor and trade

MIBT has over the years built partnerships with the following listed organizations and companies: MTN, Pioneer Foods, Mowana Properties and WRAPSA.

MIBT has been awarded the following accreditations.

Agrément Certificate

MIBT has been awarded the following certificates Agrément Certificate 2010/376 and Agrément Certificate 2011/400, these are available to view via the links below.


Agrément Certificate 2010/376 – The certificate covers the use of the Mi Panel 1 Building System for the erection of single storey buildings in all areas of South Africa.


Agrément Certificate 2011/400 – The certificate covers the use of the Mi Panel 2 Building System in for the erection of single and multi-storey (up to four storeys high) buildings in all regions of South Africa.


Edge Buildings

All MIBT Residential developments are Edge Certified.