Welcome to MIBT Innovative Building Technology is the new norm in developed nations and emerging markets because of its ease and speed of construction, green building credentials, sustainability factors and its growing consumer acceptance. So why is it not being not being more readily adopted in South Africa?Conventional building with brick and mortar will not meet current demand and certainly not keep pace with future demand. Alternative building methodologies must be considered to address issues of performance, demand, structure, aesthetics, quality and sustainable developments.Historically, South Africans have not been amenable to change as has the rest of the world. But mitigated change is a far more palatable option than unmitigated change, especially with South Africa’s adoption of SANS 10 400 XA, the new building standards that have now been promulgated into law with the specific intent of promoting better thermal efficiency and reduced construction waste in the built environment.Modular Innovative Building Technologies Pty Ltd is the only manufacturer of the Modular Innovative Panel (Mi Panel) in Africa, the only innovative building technology that compares with double clay brick plastered in terms of structure, fire, acoustic attenuation and thermal properties. Mi Panel is the highest certified Agrement (the only body certifying Innovative Building Technologies in SA and based at the CSIR) system in Africa.

Mi Panel is a proven construction material that meets the needs for sustainable construction and is an independent, load bearing system till 4.5m high. Mi Panel has been utilised as construction material for every type of structure, from home renovations to multi-storey high-rise developments in Jakarta, to power stations in India, from retail developments in Australia and Indonesia to multi-million dollar mansions on the beaches of Sydney.

Its ease of construction makes Mi Panel an excellent choice for mining and remote construction projects as it completely eliminates wet works on site and requires far less construction materials as opposed to conventional building technology. Mi Panel offers speed of construction, cost savings in both material and manpower, functionality and adaptability in design, along with outstanding engineering characteristics. Mi Panel has undergone extensive industry testing in India, Australia and Indonesia to the highest industry requisite standards over a period of 40 years. Mi Panel has excellent durability and insulation qualities have been proven in diverse climates, from the deserts of Rajastan, to the tropical environment of Jakarta and seismic conditions of the Tiwi Islands.

Mi Panel is a light weight concrete panel with fiber cement sheeting finishes on either side and is strong, durable and robust. Its design and manufacturing characteristics are tailored for rapid installation with less labour and less technical skills required for erection than conventional construction.